How to Use Book&Table for Small Group Tutoring

We've designed our platform to be flexible and adaptable. We know that tutors and students have different needs, and may want to expand their experience beyond one-on-one tutoring. Whether you want to augment your students’ speaking ability in a foreign language with group conversation, or run a writing workshop for college essays, Book&Table allows tutors and students to determine the size of their class.

Each Paying Client Receives A Lesson Plan

For each student in your group, build a lesson plan reminding the student of homework assignments and required materials for their next lesson. B&T has made it easy to individualize these assignments, and we encourage tutors to include specific instructions for each student in the comments section at the bottom of the lesson plan, so that every student can work towards their particular learning goals.

Professional Classrooms and Learning Spaces

We’ve partnered with WeWork and other co-working spaces to provide tutors with a professional atmosphere and the next generation of learning technologies. With your small group, you can book a conference room outfitted with high speed WiFi, Bluetooth-connected flat screens, and touchscreen monitors for an enriched learning experience. Practice presentations, build an online timeline, or edit a class wiki. You’ll never have to worry about finding a chair in a crowded cafe, and you’ll never have to keep animated conversation down to a library whisper.

We Want Your Feedback

We'd like to make the booking process for private small groups more seamless. As you book small groups think about how the process could be simplified using the tools currently built, or let us know if we need to add something new to make booking lessons, sending feedback, and communicating with everyone simpler. Let us know how you use Book&Table with your small groups, and how we can make our platform work better for you. Leave us a note in the Help Desk on your dashboard or by attending an upcoming B&T Feedback Session. We're all ears.

Happy Learning,