Effective Feedback: Keeping Tutors and Students Connected.

At Book&Table, we believe that clear communication between client and tutor is fundamental to a student’s success. Before each lesson, your Book&Table tutor will send you a Lesson Plan detailing the subjects you will cover together, the assignments you need to complete beforehand, and the learning materials you should bring for your meeting.

This Lesson Plan makes clear the tutor’s expectations of the student, but it’s also an opportunity for the student to ask the tutor clarifying questions before the lesson. If you don’t understand something about your assignment, or want to change the focus of the lesson, send your tutor a follow-up message with questions and comments.

Let the Lesson Plan and Synopses serve as reminders. When you’re sitting down to complete an assignment before your next lesson, refer back to what your tutor has written in the Instructions and Notes field of the Lesson Plan, and read over the Synopsis of your previous lesson. These notes are meant to help the student develop skills over time—whether it’s a hint recalling the difference between mitosis and meiosis or a prompt for the student to check their essay for verbs in the passive voice—the Lesson Plan and Synopsis tools reinforce the content of lessons in between in-person meetings.

We're always eager to hear from educators. Share any tips or anecdotes you have regarding the use of feedback to help students progress and parents stay informed by leaving a comment below or by tweeting at us @bookandtable with #tutorfeedback. 

Happy Learning,
Daniel Penny