A Technology Company With a Human Touch

Book&Table recognizes that professional tutors want and need intuitive digital tools to better manage their business, but we also know that tutors may need some help learning how to use those tools. Our app has been designed to enhance the relationships between tutor, student, and parent by facilitating communication and providing structure through our lesson plans and synopses. The point of the tech is to streamline your business, not complicate it, which is why Book&Table is also dedicated to providing in-person consultations to complement our digital tools.

Our aim is to bring together educators interested in developing their pedagogy, growing their network, and taking their tutoring business to the next level. We're building communities of tutors across the country, starting in New York, Connecticut, and Boston, and we're announcing the next step in that process with a series of events and get-togethers we're calling The Book&Table Community Tour. Here's what we're planning:

  • Book&Table partners with local co-working and community spaces to unlock resources for tutors. We'll explain how you'll be able to use these spaces to meet students for one-on-one and group lessons (a new feature coming soon), host events for students and parents in the community, and meet other educators for discussion and collaboration.
  • Folks from our team will be active within the community providing services and events that enhance students' learning experience and parents' awareness, freeing up more of our tutors' time to teach. Our first set of events will provide complimentary services to the high school test prep crowd: practice exams for the students and group discussions (with a B&T pro) for parents. 
  • We provide the technical and client support for both tutors and their clients because sometimes FAQs aren't enough and you need a real human to help.

Book&Table will be kicking off our Community Tour in NYC on January 21st, and we will be hosting events throughout the Northeast through March. Join us for a coffee break at Nusbaum's near Columbia, Blue State Coffee in New Haven, or at WeWork's West Broadway office near NYU. Book&Table is headed to Stamford, Cambridge, D.C., and Philadelphia, and we want to be in your city, too.

But we need your help. Book&Table is ready to partner with co-working spaces, like WeWork and the Stamford Innovation Center; JCCs and YMCAs; coffee shops, and book stores--any place where tutors, students, and parents are interested in getting together and joining the Book&Table community. Check out our upcoming events on the East Coast and meet us in person; we're very friendly. If you want to bring Book&Table to your own community, give us a shout on Twitter, or if we do get to meet you at one of our events, don't be shy--tweets at us @bookandtable #CommunityTour.

Visit our Events Page for all meet-up dates and locations.

See you soon,