How We Connect Our Top Ranked Tutors With New Clients.

A system built on fairness.  

Book&Table tutors are early birds and early adopters: diligent, brainy, and hungry. Our Request a Tutor feature connects client inquiries with only the most talented, dedicated tutors—the ones who put in the hours and who take the initiative to grow their business. Over the course of two years, we've developed a highly refined set of digital tools to make tutoring easier, and now it’s up to you to use them.

Ultimately, our matching methodology is about fairness. If you use the platform—by completing a profile, getting references, and logging lessons—we think it’s only right to send you the new client inquiries that B&T receives. It is our belief that expertise is in large part a matter of experience, so we’ve designed our tools to assess, rank, and connect tutors to new clients based on their performance.

As you use the Book&Table app, your account will accumulate points, and we use these points to determine your relative rank within our system. (Login to your account for more information about how to earn points.) The top three ranked tutors automatically receive student inquiries in their respective subjects, ensuring that the best educators are rewarded for their hard work.

Your clients will enjoy a better tutoring experience as well. Our tools keep everyone on the same page throughout the learning process while simultaneously creating a more seamless booking (and re-booking) experience.

  • Our Lesson Plan and Synopsis features keep your clients aware of their lesson details and progress, while also assuring payments are made upfront and on time.
  • Book&Table's payment process assures you get paid within two business days of completing your lesson synopsis.
  • Our Auto-accept tool lets clients set a budget for approving upcoming lessons, enabling a fully automated booking process from lesson to lesson. Tutors and their clients can now set their schedules weeks, or months in advance, without losing track of their payments.
  • With our new texting functionalities your clients will be able to approve and review lessons immediately from their phone, allowing you to spend more time growing your business and less time managing it. 

By creating a fair, transparent structure, Book&Table helps foster accountability between tutor and client. We've developed our tech to make it easier to manage your business, and to add value to your tutoring services.

The tutoring world is full of dead wood, and Book&Table does not intend to collect it. We know the pitfalls of the open market: websites with thousands of tutor profiles and no quality control, clients posting jobs and trolling for the lowest bid. We are not Wyzant. We are not Craigslist. We are not a rubber-room. Book&Table is redefining personalized learning with the most professional and passionate educators in the business, and we’d like you to join us.

You can learn more about the Book&Table Points System by logging into your B&T tutor account and clicking the asterisk symbol on the top navigation bar. Tutors interested in signing up may do so by clicking the I'm a Tutor link at the top of this page. 


UPDATED November 9th, 2015

Book&Table no longer automatically sends inquiries to the top tutors in your area when you search for tutors. Since opening our web-application from private beta all approved tutors are visible on our results page. 


  1. Enter the subject you would like to learn and your location. Click Search
  2. The available tutors in your area will appear in the order, first showing the tutors ranked highest in our system. 
  3. You may view the profiles and contact any tutors you think are a good fit for you. 
  4. The tutor will call you to discuss things further at their earliest convenience. 
  5. When you find the tutor you would like to work with let them know you are ready to book a lesson, they'll then send you a Lesson Plan through Book&Table to confirm your session.