Use References to Expand Your Network

Students come and go: they may graduate, they may move, or you may have tutored them so well that they don't need you anymore. Because students must grow up eventually, finding new clients is an essential component of running a professional tutoring business. Yet many tutors find the process of looking for new students and collecting reference daunting. It doesn't have to be that way.

  • The best way to find new clients is through the network you already have. Touch base with current and former clients who can attest to the quality of your work. Let them know you are looking for additional students this semester. Thoroughly explain the services you’re offering, your availability, and price, and ask current and former clients to pass along this information to colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Ask for written references using our Reference feature, so clients can tell the whole world how great you are. Remember that before you send a request, you should touch base with folks by phone or email so they know to expect your inquiry. Clients are much more likely to write a glowing review when they have a few days notice.
  • If you're still affiliated with a university, reach out to mentors and colleagues. Graduate students or recent alumni should ask professors, teaching assistants, and learning center staff about tutoring opportunities on and off campus. They may have students who need supplemental instruction, beyond the confines of the lecture hall and that's where you come in.
  • Teachers should reach out to educational gatekeepers: school administrators, psychiatrists, guidance counselors and college counselors. These educators are always looking for ways to help their students, and are an excellent resource for tutors who specialize in teaching students with learning disabilities such as ADD and dyslexia. Furthermore, these gatekeepers have far greater reach than a typical parent, and their opinion of a tutor can act like a "seal of approval" to potential clients. Let them get to know you before asking them to refer you, and make sure to keep them apprised of changes in your schedule.
  • Finally, don't forget to promote yourself online. Your students are connected to hundreds of potential clients on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Share your Book&Table profile through social media and gain valuable exposure for free.

Start growing your network through Book&Table by asking current and former clients for a reference today.

Happy Learning,