Introducing Text Notifications: (Re)bookings made simple.

Book&Table has released another new tool to make booking and reviewing lessons easier: text notifications. Both clients and tutors will receive text messages letting them know what steps they’ve taken in their booking cycle, with prompts to complete any additional steps in order to close out a lesson. With our new text notification feature, you'll find:

  • Details of upcoming lessons
  • Confirmations for Lesson Proposals and Lesson Reviews
  • Prompts to complete your profile or enter payment information
  • Friendly reminders regarding lesson cancellation, rescheduling, and acceptance of payment

Text notifications let you accept, book, and review lessons without ever having to login to your Book&Table account. Have a free moment in the elevator? Set up a lesson. Killing time while you wait for the subway? Confirm your next appointment with the tap of a finger. With text notifications, tutors can run their business from anywhere, and clients can use the app at their convenience.

To make both tutors’ and clients’ lives even easier, we're also introducing a new feature for tutors called (Re)booking. We know clients don’t always have time to accept Lesson Proposals 48 hours before a lesson, but tutors end up teaching those students anyway. These unanswered proposals wind up in a kind of "lesson limbo," the lesson complete, but the proposal still unconfirmed. When this miscommunication occurs, tutors don’t get paid, and we can’t have that.

Book&Table has eliminated this problem by letting tutors confirm a lesson proposal on behalf of their client if the client has not yet accepted the lesson within 48 hours of its start time. Book&Table is a company whose first goal is to empower tutors, and we think (Re)booking will do just that—enabling tutors to handle the booking process completely, and ensuring that they get paid in a timely fashion for their hard work.

We’re developing even more tools to take the Book&Table experience mobile, but for now, start checking your messages. You may find a text from your friends at B&T ; )

Happy Learning,