Less Marketing, More Tutoring.

Increase Awareness of your Tutoring Services through Social Media.

When was the last time you tore a slip of paper off of a poster and called the telephone number printed below? It's probably been a while. The days of the bulletin board may be ending, but your Facebook timeline and Twitter stream are full of activity. It's how we stay up to date with each other's lives, to let people know we're selling a car, moving, looking for a tutor. But to take advantage of all this digital traffic, tutors have to actively promote their businesses online. So Book&Table has designed our platform to make this process as simple as possible; if you're looking to build your client roster, try these three easy steps.

Promote Your Profile Regularly.

Share your profile on social media platforms by clicking the share buttons in the top right corner of your dashboard. This is probably the easiest way to let your friends and friends of friends know that you're a tutor and that you're looking for new business. We recommend using this method because it allows tutors to reach beyond their immediate circle to plug into the networks of their friends, family, and colleagues. These folks will be able to message you directly through your profile page as well. 

Send Direct Links to Your Profile.

To send a direct link to your profile to friends and family, you can also share your personal URL. Follow the "View the my profile" link under the social media buttons on your dashboard to see your profile the same way potential clients will. This URL is created using your first and last names, so it should be easy to remember and find. You can copy and paste your profile URL into an email or text. When the recipient clicks the link, they'll be taken to your profile page.

Invite Friends to Join.

You can invite contacts to join Book&Table via email or by newsfeed posts via social media, just like you would for any other app. Beneath the "Updates and Alerts" box you'll find the Invite Friends section of the dashboard with a Learn How button to the right. Click the button and you'll be brought to the Invitation page. On this page you can send an automated message into your Facebook and LinkedIn news feeds as well as your Twitter timeline. Each time one of your friends or followers signs up as a learner or tutor on Book&Table you'll receive points! 

This last step is especially crucial as we build our community of tutors and learners. The more people that join Book&Table, the more potential clients you'll have access to. There's value in your network knowing that no matter what they're looking to learn, they can find it on Book&Table. They may not need your services immediately, but now they know how to reach you when they do. And as our pool of requests grows, we're able to channel those requests to our most active tutors. Essentially, we're in this together.