It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire

One of the biggest problems for freelance tutors is isolation. You spend your days shuttling between libraries, coffee shops, and strangers’ apartments, either alone, or in the company of a student. Even working for a brick-and-mortar agency can feel this way, as companies focus on rushing their tutors through training programs and getting them connected with available students as quickly as possible. Acquainting tutors with each other and building a true community around teaching is not their aim. But it is ours.

Introducing Book&Table Teams

Book&Table tutors can now search through all approved profiles on the platform and connect with their fellow tutors. Tutors can also refer clients directly to one another as well, and receive cash and points for their referrals!

How it Works

  • Complete all tasks required to become Book&Table Approved.
  • Search tutors by State and Subject or by their name or email address.
  • View tutors’ profiles to learn more about their teaching style and pedagogy. Add tutors to your Book&Team. By doing so, they become your Teammate and you become their Champion.
  • Click on the Teammates tab to search, message, and refer clients to your teammates.

Our first goal is to create a more transparent marketplace for parents and tutors. So instead of keeping tutors in the dark, Book&Table is rolling out our Team function to make it easier for tutors to talk to each other. Team-building lets tutors share information and build client rosters, and helps parents find the best tutors through professionals they already know and trust.