How to Use Our iOS App with Your Current Tutor

Parents and students already working with an awesome tutor can use Book&Table with their educator without paying our 12% service fee. Since we did not connect you, we do not charge anything. So if you're currently paying your tutor $50 a session, you'll continue to pay them $50 a session with the added advantage of using our platform to help you communicate, confirm upcoming sessions, and study better. We also cover your tutor's 3% payment processing fee on bookings, a small "thank you" for helping our community grow.

Here's how to switch to Book&Table: 

Step 1: Refer Your Tutor 

Your tutor must sign up with Book&Table before they can invite you to book lessons through the app. They can apply with their LinkedIn account on our iOS app or by visiting the Membership page of our website. Remember, we do not charge our tutors membership or commission fees, and even encourage them to connect and collaborate with each other to help their respective businesses grow. So your tutor will be happy you referred them to our community!

Step 2: Confirm Next Lesson 

Once you've confirmed your next lesson with your tutor they will send you a lesson plan through Book&Table. If you are a member of Book&Table already you will receive the notification for your lesson, minus the 12% service fee. If you are not currently a member of Book&Table you will be asked to complete a sign up form, including your payment option. 


Step 3: Enjoy Structure and Transparency

You're now set! Before each session your tutor will send you a lesson plan detailing the learning objectives, pre-lesson assignments for the student to complete, as well as the time, location, and duration of the session. The tutor does not receive the payment for the lesson, though, until they've sent you a synopsis detailing what happened during the lesson and what the student should do moving forward to continue improving. 

Check out our demo to learn more:


You can also download our iOS app on the iTunes App Store here.

Happy Learning,

Book&Table Team