iOS App Launching from Columbia University

Book&Table is all about using technology to help people connect better and have fun. We're also huge fans of Herschel!!!! To celebrate the launch of the Book&Table iOS app, Founder/CEO Maurice Wright is returning to campus with customized swag for his fellow Lions. With exams coming up we figured this would be a great way to introduce ourself to the future founders and CEOs of the world while also giving students a few fun games to play with each other between study sessions.

Follow our Instagram to play -- we kick things off Thanksgiving week. We begin drawing winners the day our app becomes available on the App Store. Stay tuned!!! 

How to Play

  1. Follow our Instagram page
  2. Look out for posts with the hashtag #BnTstudybreak 
  3. Complete the task assigned on the post.
  4. Tag the people you intend to complete the task with (when applicable).
  5. Like the post.  

How Winners Are Announced 

  • We will comment on the posts uploaded affiliated with the scavenger hunt. 
  • Winners have 48 hours total to respond to the post to redeem their prize. 
  • We begin selecting winners the day our app becomes available on the App Store. 

Free Herschel Swag: #BnTremix Edition

Items are NOT for sale.