FREE Chemistry Regents Crash Course

Daniel graduated from McGill University with a degree in Economics and Environmental Science and attended Seton Hall Law to pursue a JD.  When not working with clients as a small business consultant, he shares his deep knowledge of Math, Science and Writing as an academic and test prep tutor for over 7 years. 

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Crash Course Topics

  1. Stoichiometry: limiting reagents and Le'Chartier's Principal.

  2. Gas Laws: with special attention to Gas Stoichiometry. 

  3. Solutions: including equilibrium and solubility rules and problems. 

  4. Thermodynamics: phase change and Gibbs's Free Energy. 

  5. Final Review: 20 practice problems, including constructed response questions. 


Location: Schools interested in enrolling must provide a classroom within their building for the event. 

Time: Crash courses can be scheduled for during the school day, after school, or the weekend. First come first served.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Material: Students are required to bring their own writing utensils and calculators, Book&Table will provide the rest.

Students: A minimum of 5 students must be enrolled to confirm a crash course. 

Sign Up: Book&Table will design a special signup page for schools interested in enrolling. Schools will then be able to circulate the signup page to their parents and students to collect RSVPs.

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