We repurpose co-working spaces, offices, and bookstores as new and innovative classrooms.

We're not only passionate about connecting students and educators through better courses, but also through the locations in which the learning takes place. That's why we're committed to only partnering with businesses whose locations will serve as an intellectually rich environment in which our instructors and students can always have a successful learning experience. 

We're big supporters of the sharing economy, and we look for places like bookstores and underutilized office spaces to be used as safe, vibrant classrooms. It's our mission to work with our communities to find the best partnerships that are conducive to both great education and sustaining local businesses. 

Photography courtesy of WeWork and eSpace


Featured Classroom Partners

Interested in becoming a Classroom Partner with Book&Table? Call us at (347) 974 - 3163 or send us an email: hello@bookandtable.com