What is my Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is the first page you’ll see when you log into your Book&Table account. In your Dashboard, you’ll find Quick Links, Updates and Alerts, message threads, and notifications

What are Quick Links?

Located in the top left are Quick Links. Click on a Quick Link easily access our Invite Client feature, check out upcoming Events, our Blog, and bone up on FAQs.

How do I Share My Profile on Social Media?

Under the Quick Links, we’ve included social sharing buttons to make it easier for tutors and clients to share Book&Table profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Click on the relevant icon to share your profile online to gain visibility and drum up new business.

What are Updates and Alerts?

In the center of the page, you’ll find Updates and Alerts. These will include things like prompts to complete your profile and new feature announcements. If Book&Table releases a new tool, you’ll hear about it through email and internal messages, but you’ll also find info about it in this section of your Dashboard.

What are Messages?

Beneath Updates and Alerts are your various message threads, with links to the conversations you’ve been having with clients or tutors on B&T. These messages are internal, and include all the communications you’ve had with your various clients. You’re also free to use email and text to communicate with clients--we don’t demand you use our messaging service.

Where is my Dashboard and how do I find it if I’ve left that page?

To get back to your Dashboard from another page, click on the Dashboard button on the top of your left-hand navigation panel. It’s represented by an icon made of four squares and the word “Dashboard.”