Tutor Team Building

All tutors have areas of expertise. Some may be working in a specialized niche, like teaching the LSAT or the cello, while others may think of themselves as generalists, covering all sections of the ACT and SAT--but no matter your domain, your knowledge probably has its limits. No tutor can be an expert in every subject, and when your client asks for a lesson in an area outside your range, it's best to refer them to another tutor who knows the material. 

Build your virtual rolodex of referral options by connecting with your fellow Book&Table tutors at a local tutor meet up hosted by a fellow tutor. This is a great way for new tutors with not enough business and those with more than they can handle to connect, learn more about one another, and exchange contact information. When you connect a fellow tutor with a client they'll be able to use our Invite a Client feature to book lessons with them; Book&Table does not profit from these connections. Our goal is to show B&T tutors that you can rely on us to go above and beyond to connect you with folks in your community while providing you with technology that cannot be found anywhere else.

**Parents and learners are welcomed to attend these events as well.

Upcoming Meetups

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