25-hour SAT Prep Courses (NYC/Feb '17)

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25-hour SAT Prep Courses (NYC/Feb '17)


25 hours of in-person instruction focused on timing and problem-solving strategies. Have questions regarding this course? Contact Maurice directly through his Book&Table profile.

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Timing and Problem-Solving Strategies Intensive

Instructor: Maurice W. 
Experience: SAT and ACT tutor since 2009
Education: B.A. in Economics from Columbia University
Profession: Founder/CEO of Book&Table, Inc. 

"Maurice has helped me improve my SAT scores considerably since beginning tutoring lessons with him. Before working with Maurice, I did not feel confident that I would get an SAT score that would help me get into the college of my choice, but after working with Maurice, my SAT scores are beyond what I expected to achieve." Samantha (student) 

"Maurice is a gifted tutor. He provided guidance on which tests to take and helped our son study efficiently and effectively for the SATs and ACTs. Once Maurice got involved our son was committed - they worked extraordinarily well together." Helen (parent) 


Course Overview

High school students of all levels are invited to attend this strategy focused prep course with test prep pro Maurice Wright. With more than seven years and thousands of hours of experience tutoring this exam under his belt, Maurice has developed timing and problem-solving strategies for each section of the exam (essay included). Students will learn strategies during each session and can expect homework assignments throughout the course as well as a recommended study schedule at the end of the course.

Available Seats per Class: 10

Materials Required: Pen or pencil, calculator, and The Collegeboard SAT Studyguide

Maurice will send each parent and student a Lesson Plan before each session and a Synopsis afterwards through Book&Table, keeping everyone on the same page throughout the duration of the course. 

February 2017 Weekend Schedule #1

  1. Saturday | February 4th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Reading Test I
  2. Sunday | February 5th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Reading Test II + Writing/Languages I
  3. Saturday | February 11th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Writing/Languages II + Math I: Algebra
  4. Sunday | February 12th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Math II: More Algebra
  5. Saturday | February 18th | 1:30pm - 4:30pm
    Word Problems and Data Analysis
  6. Sunday | February 19th | 1:30pm - 4:30pm
    Miscellaneous Math Topics & Review
  7. Saturday | February 25th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Advanced Math Topics & Math Review (all) 
  8. Sunday | February 26th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Essay Strategies & Reading Review
  9. Saturday | March 4th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Personalized Review and Practice I
  10. Sunday | March 5th | 1:30pm - 4pm
    Personalized Review and Practice II


Location: WeWork Bryant Park (54 W 40th Street, New York, NY 10018) 

Near the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, B, C, D, F trains and a 5 minute walk from Grand Central Terminal. 

Photography courtesy of WeWork.