What is the Invite a Client feature?

This feature allows you to use the application with clients that you have connected with outside of Book&Table. When you use this feature to book a first lesson with a client you’ve met on your own, they will pay no additional service fee for any lessons with you. If you are charging the client $50 for a lesson, then they’ll pay $50 for the lesson. We receive nothing since we did not make the introduction.

Do I use this feature each time I want to book a lesson with a client?

You only click on this link to build a Lesson Proposal if it is the first lesson you’re booking with this client on Book&Table. After your initial booking, go to your Lessons Page with the client and click on the Build Proposal button. To access the Lessons Page, click on Students&Lessons on the left navigation panel. Then click on the appropriate student’s contact card.  

Why would I want to use this feature?

To gain points. The order in which tutors receive inquiries submitted to us is determined by who has the most points. Since you connected with this client through your own efforts, we do not charge your client a fee. And since you’ve helped us grow our community of tutees we award twice as many points for these bookings.

Why doesn’t Book&Table charge a fee for this feature?

We only charge a 12% service fee when we make the introduction between tutor and tutee. If the tutor is generating traffic to their business on their own, then we do not want to discourage them from using B&T to manage lessons with these clients. The point of the application is to synchronize and enhance your entire business, not just some parts of it.

Where do I find this feature?

In two places. The first place is on your dashboard: it is the first link inside of the Quick Links section. The second place is on the top right corner of your Students&Lessons page (see your left navigation panel).