What is the purpose of the lesson plan?

The lesson plan serves multiple purposes, most importantly, accountability. It clarifies what the tutor will be teaching, if there are any pre-lesson assignments, the lesson's price, location, date, and time.

Do I receive feedback after a lesson?

Yes, tutors are required to send a post-lesson synopsis after each lesson which includes an assessment of how well the student knows the learning objectives of the lesson and a description of how they can continue to improve independently until their next lesson.

What time should I arrive?

We recommend that you plan on arriving to a lesson at least five minutes prior to the start time, just in case you run into traffic. If you arrive at the location of the lesson and do not see your tutor, give them a call. If your tutor does not pick up their phone, send them a message through Book&Table letting them know exactly where you are and what phone number they can call to reach you.

Will I need to provide materials for each lesson?

Your tutor details what materials you need for each lesson in your lesson plan. The tutor will also detail what materials they plan to bring to the session.

What should I do after each lesson?

Following each lesson a tutor is required to provide you with a synopsis of the lesson through Book&Table. Once you receive this synopsis, you will be able to leave the tutor feedback on the lesson and request another lesson if you'd like.

What is small group tutoring, and how is this different from a class?

Clients can request a tutor for multiple students already working together, e.g. a study group preparing for an AP exam. Parents can pay together (one person through one card) or separately. Only paying customers receive lesson plans and feedback. Group tutoring is available in person or online. We do not currently offer preconceived classes, but plan to build this feature into the platform as demand grows.

What is Auto-accept?

Auto-accept allows clients to accept their tutor’s lesson proposal automatically, as long as it adheres to the budget they’ve agreed upon with their tutor. Tutors do not see the budget that parents set for themselves, and parents can increase or lower budgets at anytime. When a tutor sends a proposal it is automatically accepted and parent/student will receive a confirmation email as well as an email with information about the amount remaining from their initial budget.

Do I have to pay for all these lessons in advance?

No, the parent/student is charged for each individual lesson when the lesson is confirmed, and the money is held in an escrow account by Book&Table until the tutor sends the parent/student feedback.

How do I indicate that the lesson will be help over Skpe in my Lesson Proposal?

To host a Skype session with a student simply fill in "Skype" for both the Location Name and Location Address fields of the lesson plan.