What should messaging be used for?

Communication. You should message your tutor between in-person lessons to ask any questions you may have about assignments, meetings, or anything else you think they may be able to help you with.

How do I contact a tutor for the first time?

Click 'Request a Tutor' and fill out the form detailing the learning needs of the student, including grade, subjects, and availability. Book&Table with match you with a top tutor to help you get started right away.

I received a message in my email, how do I respond?

You can choose to respond by using Book&Table’s “Inbox” feature to view and respond to the message on our platform, or you can respond to the email directly through your personal email client.

Can I respond to my messages through my email?

Yes. When you receive a message in your email you can respond above the message and click “send” and it will automatically be sent to the user through the Book&Table platform. To confirm whether the user received the message please check your message history for the message sent via email.

I sent a tutor an inquiry; now what do I do?

The tutor will give you a call at their earliest convenience to discuss your learning needs. Once you have confirmed the details for your lesson, the tutor will then send you a lesson plan through Book&Table which will confirm the date, time, location, learning objectives and price of the lesson.