How do I request a tutor?

Visit and enter the subject you would like to learn, your location, and the number of students, then click Search. You will then be directed to a page displaying the top ranked tutors.

I do not see any tutor profiles… what’s going on?

Rather than provide a system with an endless number of profiles for you to sift through, we automatically submit your inquiry and connect you to the top three ranked tutors in your area. Once you submit your request, you will see the tutors you have been matched with, and you will be able to view their public profiles to learn more about and contact them. 

Once I submit a request for a tutor what happens next?

The tutors you’re matched with will receive your inquiry, including your contact information, and will contact you at their earliest convenience. In the meantime, take a look at the profiles of the tutors you’ve been matched with. You’ll be able to learn more about their educational and professional history, teaching style, and hourly rate.

How do I book a lesson with a tutor?

The tutors that are interested in working with you will contact you directly to introduce themselves and discuss the details for a lesson, if you’re interested. If this is the case, confirm the date, time, location, and price of the upcoming lesson with the tutor over the phone or by email, and they will send you a Lesson Proposal through Book&Table. Each lesson must be confirmed with a Lesson Proposal, which will include the aforementioned logistics, and a brief outline of what the tutor plans to cover in the lesson, and what learning materials will be required.