How do text (SMS) and email notifications work?

Notifications are built into the application to keep both tutors and tutees informed throughout the booking cycle. Both email and text notifications are triggered automatically as users commit certain actions in the app.

What kind of notifications will I get?

You’ll receive reminders of upcoming appointments, and requests for things like lesson ratings, or booking confirmation. Text notifications will include links that carry the user to the appropriate page within the B&T app, creating a mobile friendly experience and allowing both tutors and clients to book lessons from anywhere.

How do I turn on or turn off notifications?

Right now, all notifications are automatic for all users, but this will not always be the case. A feature ready in the near future will allow each user to specify their preferences for notifications. But for now, leave us a message through the Contact Us Now window if you would like to remove all SMS notifications from your account until the preferences feature is ready.