What are points and who has them?

Points are the metric that allows Book&Table to assess and rank the tutors on our platform. Tutors’ accounts garner points as they commit actions that prove they’re a quality educator and participant in our community.

How are points acquired?

There are a few different ways tutors can gain points. The best way to earn points is through bookings. Tutors receive points for lessons booked with tutees through Book&Table, and receive twice as many points for lessons booked with tutees that they connect with on their own. Tutors can also gain points for putting in the time to market their business or inviting others to join our community.

Do all bookings lead to tutors receiving points?

No. Only bookings that receive a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars will garner points for a tutor’s profile. We’re all about quality!

What are points used for?

Two things: ranking tutors and determining the order in which tutors receive a new inquiry that we’ve gotten from a prospective client seeking a tutor. This system rewards the tutors who put in the most hours and ensures quality lessons for all of Book&Table’s clients.

Where can I learn more about the Points Allocation Policy?

Tutors can learn more about the points system by visiting the Points Page: login to your account and click on the star icon on the top navigation bar. Then click on the link named Points Allocation Policy on the top right of the page.