Who determines the price for each lesson?

Students and parents always communicate and negotiate pricing directly with tutors. Book&Table does not determine a tutor's rate, the tutor does. 

Are there additional fees? 

That depends, here are the different scenarios our application currently supports and when fees applies: 

  1. Tutor and client connect outside of Book&Table: neither tutor nor client pays a fee. Book&Table pays the tutor's 3% transaction fee. 
  2. Book&Table connects a client to a tutor: tutor pays a 3% Stripe transactions fee and the client pays a 12% fee on top of the tutor's rate. 

Do all of my lessons with a tutor have to be the same price?

No. Some lessons may be longer, or shorter, than others, so tutors are allowed to adjust the price of each lesson. Book&Table recommends that tutors inform you when they plan on changing their rate and the reason(s) for doing so.

How do I pay for a lesson?

After you contact a tutor through their profile they will call you to discuss the details necessary to begin writing your lesson. The tutor then creates the first lesson based on your conversation and sends you a Lesson Plan detailing the lesson objectives, price, and location. Users receive email and push notifications when a Lesson Plans are exchanged. 

When do tutors receive payment for a lesson?

Tutors receive the payment for their lesson 1-2 business days after sending the student their Synopsis, detailing how they can continue improving. 

What is the refund policy?

If you are able to cancel a lesson up to 48 hours prior to the meeting time, you will receive a full refund without penalty. If you cancel a lesson 24-48 hours prior to your meeting time you will receive a refund for 50% of the tutor's rate (Book&Table fees are non-refundable). Within 24 hours of a lesson, a tutor is not required to issue any refund.

Our tutors are professionals and understand emergencies come up. We recommend contacting your tutor as soon as you know you are no longer available to meet and request to reschedule your lesson to another date. By rescheduling you will avoid any refund penalties.